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Focusing primarily on instruments that concern whole family functioning, this authoritative manual methodically covers measures involving the coding of family .
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Assessment of ear, nose, throat and mouth is essential as upper respiratory infections, allergies; oral or facial trauma, dental caries and pharyngitis are common in children. This includes a thorough examination of the oral cavity. The examination of the throat and mouth is completed last in younger, less cooperative children. In the evaluation phase of assessment, ensure the information collected is complete, accurate and documented appropriately.

The nurse must draw on critical thinking and problem solving skills to make clinical decisions and plan care for the patient being assessed. If any abnormal findings are identified, the nurse must ensure that appropriate action is taken. This may include communicating the findings to the medical team, relevant allied health team and the ANUM in charge of the shift. Patients should be continuously assessed for changes in condition while under RCH care and assessments are documented regularly.

Observation and Continuous Monitoring clinical guideline nursing. Pain Assessment and Measurement clinical guideline.

Clinical Guidelines (Nursing) : Nursing assessment

Neonatal Pain assessment. Pressure injury prevention and management clinical guideline nursing. Documentation clinical guideline nursing. Neurovascular observations clinical guideline nursing. Eye care in PICU. Spinal Cord injury clinical guideline nursing. Assessment of severity of respiratory conditions.

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Revisiting developmental assessment of children. Schek 17 adapted the general functioning scale of the family to another cultural context, with a sample of 4, Chinese adolescents. The author obtained significant results similar to those investigated here: temporal stability and good internal consistency, good construct and concurrent validity, and the ability to discriminate between clinical and nonclinical groups. The author points out that the significant correlation of the GFF scale with other family functioning measures is a relevant finding, especially since the GFF is a fairly reduced scale compared to the others.

This result is at odds with Morris 13 and Aarons et al. Other studies report GFF scale measurement equivalence data. Georgiadis et al. This may indicate that this item represents the same idea of other items, therefore being redundant in this instrument. In the analysis, items 2 and 9 were maintained, despite the correlation. Operationally, this option would allow for decision-making in the analysis phase, for example, by calculating the score of only one of the answers — the one considered most serious, since the information gathered may be redundant.

Both changes — deletion of item 3 and choice of the most serious response between the items 2 and 9 — should be investigated in other samples before a final decision in favor of its exclusion and of reducing the scale in the national context. Some international studies use different cutoff points above the average to define families with functioning problems: 1.

In addition, the results are restricted to information given by Brazilian adults guardians of the children and adolescents in the survey , and lack information on the understanding of the scale by adolescents. The viewpoint of adolescents is often more negative than that of adult family members Assessment of family functioning in Caucasian and Hispanic Americans: reliability, validity, and factor structure of the Family Assessment Device.

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Nursing assessment

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