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Request PDF on ResearchGate | Making Meaning by Making Connections | This book documents those first links that students make between content they learn.
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Asking questions about the content or an idea.

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Wondering about related information. Being critical of the ideas or information being presented.

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Visualizing What does the movie in your head look like while we read? Laughing at physical comedy. Being able to describe what the characters or setting looks like in their head, and explain why they know that. Offering knowledge that is not included in the text during discussion. How do you think they feel? How do you know that?

Being able to figure out what is happening without it being explicitly stated. Understanding feelings; empathizing. Synthesizing Can you tell me, in your own words, what this was about? Using own words.

Making Meaning | reDesign

All of these skills are important for becoming a proficient reader. Therefore, in addition to being able to answer your questions, the most important part of this is that they explain why they think that, or how they know, and they need to accurately use evidence from the text. Even our early readers need to be able to tell us that the character is happy because they have a smile on their face, or that the dog loves the character because his tail is wagging.

Just make sure you stick to the following: read consistently ideally every day!

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Making Connections while Reading

After reading, review the connections, and how they helped the whole group to make meaning of the text. Take a look at the glossary and discuss how many of the words are new to your students. Explain that learning new language is essential to becoming a good reader. Facilitate a discussion about how connections build when you read new information.

Check out our free making connections lesson and anchor chart to introduce this reading strategy to your students. Ways to get students making connections 1.

Making meaning and expressing ideas (emergent literacy)

Your connections can be divided into three categories: Text to self: The connections readers make to their own knowledge and experiences Text to text: The connections readers make to another story or book even a movie or song! And I had my sunscreen on. Previous Next. Leave a comment: Name.